Gray Manufacturing issues statement on resolution of multiple patent infringement lawsuits involving SEFAC USA, Inc. and SEFAC S.A. wireless lifts.

Gray Manufacturing Company, Inc., (Gray) announces today that it has resolved its multiple patent infringement lawsuits involving SEFAC USA, Inc. and SEFAC S.A. (SEFAC) and a customer of SEFAC related to the wireless mobile column lifts. 

Pursuant to the agreement, SEFAC has admitted to the validity and enforceability of Gray’s wireless mobile column lift patents, U.S. Patent Nos. Nos. RE41,554; 7,014,012; 7,219,770, 9,334,145; 9,352,944; 9,593,000; 9,656,843; 10,059,576; 10,214,403; and 10,457,536; as well as Canadian Patent No. 2,406,340.  SEFAC has taken a license to all these Gray patents for SEFAC’s wireless mobile column lifts.  As part of the agreement, SEFAC also agreed to pay royalties to Gray moving forward and for prior sales of wireless mobile column lifts.

“Almost 18 years ago, Gray Manufacturing developed and introduced the wireless mobile column lift technology to the market and Gray has continued to develop and vigorously protect its intellectual property related to this innovative product,” Gray’s President, Stet Schanze stated.  “We appreciate the fact that SEFAC recognized Gray’s intellectual property by licensing Gray’s original patents, as well as Gray’s newer patents.  We will now turn our attention to working with SEFAC as a Gray licensee in the wireless mobile column lift market.” Schanze added.

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