Dependable. Safe.Long Lasting.

At Gray Manufacturing, we don’t just build jacks and truck lifts; we build solutions. From the exceptional quality of our products to our focus on assisting customers after the sale, every part of our business is designed to serve you. That’s what makes Gray Manufacturing products the best in the industry.

We Support Government Vehicles

When vehicle maintenance is mission-critical, the U.S. Military relies on Gray Manufacturing’s mobile lifts for their shops. Since day one, Gray has been providing the U.S. Military and government entities with mobile lifts built to the exacting standards and qualities they demand.

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We Support Private Fleets

Gray Manufacturing lifting equipment is designed so private fleets, which operate their own fleet services facilities, can rest assured their technicians have the most ergonomic, safe and productive lifting equipment for all types of heavy duty vehicles and components.

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We Support Professional Repair Shops

Since J.H. Gray’s first patent in 1921, the Gray family has been designing equipment to make the technician’s job easier, faster and safer. We build our equipment to provide the lowest total cost of ownership while providing shop floor productivity gains ensuring your return on investment.

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The Gray Difference

Gray Manufacturing is your shop equipment solution. Whether it’s with our air jacks or a portable auto lift, we’re minimizing customer downtime through quality lifting equipment and integrity-based customer service. You might notice that you pay a little more for Gray Manufacturing products, but they’re safe, dependable and long-lasting. Is it worth it? Our customers definitely say it is, but you be the judge. We guarantee our products, so there’s no risk to find out for yourself.

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