The Gray Difference

Vertically Aligned

At Gray Manufacturing, every step of product development and manufacturing is managed in-house. This means that from the testing of truck lifts to the selection of quality materials, Gray Manufacturing is ensuring your product is a reliable solution for your shop year after year.

Customer Service

At Gray Manufacturing, your ability to do business is our top concern, with a focus on minimizing your downtime with integrity-based service. In addition, our business model is vertical manufacturing, which means that every component of our quality equipment’s development and manufacturing is managed by our own in-house engineering staff. When you need a repair or a replacement part, you make one phone call. We specialize in service after the sale and are invested in your success as a service and repair facility.


The team at Gray Manufacturing is not just about producing air jacks or floor jacks and shipping them out. Gray Manufacturing is the shop equipment solution, focused on developing products that equip you for more efficient repairs and maintenance. From start to finish, your lifting equipment needs are solved with Gray Manufacturing.

American Know-How

When you partner with Gray Manufacturing, you invest in a fellow American company. Gray Manufacturing builds products that meet the Buy American Act, ensuring your dollars fuel the domestic economy and guaranteeing that parts and products are always available to you.

Our customers love our products and service

Gray Manufacturing is the only truck lift system I truly considered. The customer service is second to none, and the quality of their products is what you would expect from a U.S. manufacturer!
- Mike Duckworth
Gray transmission jacks have been a must-have in our shops for over 40 years. The HTJ-1000 is the best in quality and value.
- Stuart Mays, Coleman Taylor Transmissions
We have several Gray Products. When making purchasing decisions, I pay close attention to service life versus cost. I can't figure replacement cost for Gray because, for over ten years, I haven't replaced anything.
- Ryan Kelley