We Support Private Fleets

In 1952, Gray Manufacturing sold its first air end lift, and has been designing the safest, most durable and longest lasting lifts for trucks and other shop equipment in the industry ever since. Gray Manufacturing lifting equipment is designed so private fleets, which operate their own fleet services facilities, can rest assured their technicians have the most ergonomic, safe and productive lifting equipment for all types of heavy duty vehicles and components. We focus on driving down total cost of ownership to the private fleet through a state-of-the-art vertical manufacturing process that ensures years of reliable service. Our American designed and manufactured equipment provides a quick return on investment, while our integrity-based customer service ensures your downtime is almost non-existent.

“I was a customer of Gray long before I worked for Gray. With the great equipment and attention to the customer, I could always count on Gray to make my shop more productive and safer!” – Todd Michalski, Gray Manufacturing Vice President

You need a dependable fleet that your customers can rely on. Whether you’re focused on preventative fleet services or you need to get a vehicle back on the road, the level of quality guaranteed by Gray Manufacturing ensures your fleet services are swift and trucks are kept on the road. While recruiting drivers and optimizing logistics will always be a challenge, fleet maintenance and repair is one concern that won’t be a problem when you choose Gray.